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Casmaran Welsh Cobs and Cross Creek Welsh Ponies

Equine Color Genetics by D. Phillip Sponenberg, DVM, PhD

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Welsh Pony and Welsh Cob history from WPCSA Yearbooks, Welsh Pony Association NEWSLETTERs and pony magazines and various uk and us archive articles and books

Articles on Welsh Ponies and Welsh Cobs printed in the 1980's to 1984, see page 3 for more.
Criban Victor - Section B Welsh Pony
1980 Welsh Roundabout

Welsh Pony Breeder Survey
Section B Welsh Pony Breed Type
1981 Welsh Roundabout
Welsh Ponies in Sweden
The Welsh Pony
Mathrafal 1629 - SECTION D WELSH COB
Llanarth Braint - Section D Welsh Cob
Mathrafal - Section D Welsh Cob
1981 Pony Journal
1984 Welsh Roundabout
Pony Breeding

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