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Possibly the most important breeder of Section B Welsh ponies during the 1950's through the 90's Mollie Butler studied bloodlines like it was her job. She could recite bloodlines of specific ponies and their faults, strengths, and dispositions. Mollie was in contact with or knew personally many of the original importers and breeders of Welsh ponies and cobs, and had a wealth of "hand me down" knowledge of the Welsh ponies throughout the United States.

We spent much time at GlanNant Farm speaking with Mollie about her ponies and their ancestors. When I first laid my eyes on  GlanNant Bard as a 1 year old  I fell in love and knew this was the stallion I was looking for. During the time Mollie leased Bard from us for breeding, Sara spent summers at GlanNant to be with Bard and help Mollie with her ponies, feeding, grooming and riding for her.

Here are some articles from Mollie about the GlanNant ponies.

GlanNant Welsh Pony, Section B Welsh Pony
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