Welsh Pony & Welsh Cob

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Western Glow

Alra Dana Delight

GlanNant Tango

Okeden Sensation

Coed Coch Planed

Coed Coch Sandde

Lithgow Wishnik

Llanarth Flying Comet

Llanarth Meteor

Severn Zephyr

Twyford Marquis

Wentworth Glenda

Coed Coch ponies

Coed Coch Brenin Arthur

Coed Coch Pelen

Coed Coch Serenllys

Coed Coch Sigldin

Kilhendric Celtic Silverlight

Liseter Glyndwr Gay

Silverstone King

Brockwell Cobweb

A beautiful example of an original type Section B, but a carrier of the sabino gene

Mrs. DuPont, Liseter Hall Farm 1963

If anyone can identify the other people and the pony in this picture please let us know.

Bowdler Brightlight


Coed Coch Glyndwr

Coed Coch Madog

Dinarth What Ho

Prince of Cardiff

Clan Glomadh (aged)

Clan Dash

Clan Pip

Criban Socks & Grove Will O' the Wisp

Grove Sprightly & Grove Will O' the Wisp

Tregoyd Starlight